Sunday, November 19, 2023

NaBloPoMo 19 - music

Lydia appeared in our bed at some point in the night last night. My back was sore and I couldn't carry her back down and Tom was unwakeable, so I went to sleep in the spare bed instead.

Managed to get a pretty decent amount of sleep in there, and went to help get the kids dressed when Phoebe woke up. 

Did some tidying in our room before breakfast, lots of clean clothes to put away, whilst the girls caused chaos around us. Mainly clip clopping around in my high heels.

Then downstairs for breakfast, and some tidying. Tom started to prep this evening's roast dinner and I took Lydia to the shop for some supplies. She bought some of her pocket money with her and bought a comic. She likes to pay with her cash herself which is sweet 

Tom had an alarm go off at work so he went out to check on that whilst I got Phoebe down for a nap, and got some lunch ready. Lydia was tickled by drinking soup out a mug rather than a bowl and busied herself for the rest of the morning making birthday cards for people.

Once Phoebe was up again, gave her her lunch, and started packing to go out to the Turner Sims Family fun day on the bikes. The Turner Sims is the University of Southampton concert hall. We were meeting one of Lydia's school friends and their family there. They had craft activities and free facepainting, singing workshops and a musical performance from London Rhymes who were very good multi-instrumentalists and singers. I think I will be singing the 'Eight Tickly Tentacles' song as an ear worm for a while!

Quick cycle ride home, Tom on cooking duty whilst I got dining room sorted. Same little friend and parents round for dinner, the older girls disappeared upstairs to play fancy dress whilst Phoebe made friends with the parents. She decided they were her friends and wanted to know if they were coming back when they left! Lovely evening of chatting away. Feels nice and normal to have people round for Sunday dinner again.

They left about 7pm, did a speedy bedtime for the girls before tidying up the kitchen. Lydia fell asleep holding my hand, adorable. Then I wrote the first of the Christmas cards on front of the TV.

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