Wednesday, November 08, 2023

NaBloPoMo 8 - very soggy

Stupidly agreed to walk to school in the pouring rain and to Lydia scooting to school. So off we went togged up in our raincoats, and a bush wee in woods on the way from Phoebe delayed us further. Only just managed to squeak in before the bell.

Went for a very rainy walk around Bitterne precinct with Phoebe to kill time before swimming. She is such a delight at this age, constantly singing and saying hello to people.

She loved her swimming lesson especially jumping in off the side. We stayed for a bit of the stay and play after, mainly her watering me with watering cans but she likes it.

Then she was starving and I wanted to warm up so we went to hide in the Wetherspoons. She wanted milk as she was tired so she fed to sleep and ended up napping on the banquette wrapped in my scarf. Meant I could eat my lunch in peace and she then really enjoyed eating when she woke up. Panini for me and veggie pasta for her. She was really intrigued by the open fire and flirted with all the pensioners having their lunch.

Next we went to the Rhyme Time at Bitterne Library, where Phoebe was a bit braver about joining in with the songs and really loved the craft activity of making a little paper duck. She seems to quite like arts and crafts like Lydia.

Very quick march down the road to collect Lydia from school. Happy to see my mum friends in the playground, feels a bit like being part of a gang now.

Home with a grumpy Lydia despite me stuffing her with snacks. Just about managed to get her out of the door and changed for ballet in time. 

Had coffee with the ballet mums whilst class was on, took 30mins to get home again. Need to cycle next week.

Only managed half my tea as Phoebe very tired and grumpy. Abandoned it to take her upstairs, she fed to sleep, had to try and get her in PJ's without waking her.

Then bedtime with Lydia who was pleased to have mummy and daddy for a change. But stressful but she was also by 745.

Finished my dinner and tidied the house with Tom before 30mins of TV and bed 

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