Thursday, November 02, 2023

NaBloPoMo 2 - stormstuck

Lydia's school was closed today, like all Southampton schools, because of the weather warnings. When I checked the Daily Echo website in the morning, it seems like Southampton got off pretty lightly, but there was a bit of flooding about the city.

So working from home and home-schooling it was. Tom took Phoebe off to nursery after breakfast as that was open as normal. I set Lydia up with some TV and some workbook type books we have for Maths and English, and tried to get on with my work.

It wasn't that successful as for once Lydia was not obsessed with the TV and kept coming to interrupt my calls. Which was a surprise as she usually loves the TV. At lunch time as we were both getting very grumpy with each other, I made her go out for a walk, compromising on her wearing socks and sandals despite the rain, and we were both much better for it. We bought some pick and mix and a cake from the Bitterne Park Stores at the Triangle, and some lip balm from Boots.

After lunch I tried again for a bit, and got her doing some Cosmic Kids Yoga for a bit too. It was a bit too much like the Covid lockdowns hearing the theme tune so I'm gently re-traumatised.

I clocked off at 5:00pm and made Lydia some tea just as Tom and Phoebe came home. A bit of a fractured tea-time of playing and eating and wildness before I took Phoebe up for her bath time as she needed her hair doing.

I have to do a fully curly girl routine on her. Detangle spray and brush through, conditioner wash and brush through, then curl cream and brush through, all whilst she play away in the bath. She probably needs this doing twice a week, but we're lucky if I manage once a week. I sometimes refresh it by spraying it with water and reapplying a bit of conditioner on my hands. Her hair is soooooo curly and silky and fine.

Then a bit of milk for Phoebe before bed, and reading with Lydia. Phoebe is probably coming to the end of her time breastfeeding - she doesn't always ask for it in the morning or at bedtime, and Tom can now put her to bed on his own. She does still usually ask for it if I'm with her and she wakes up from a nap and when she gets home from nursery, though the last one I often manage to delay to bedtime, otherwise she won't eat her tea very well. I'm a little sad about it as it means my last baby is rapidly growing up, and I won't have the excuse for quiet cuddles in the same way.

Lydia read to me before bed, and then we listened to some of the bedtime stories on Cbeebies radio instead of having me read another story. She needs a lot of support for bedtime at the moment, so I am lying with her for a bit and giving her a cuddle until she's sleepy. I should probably try weaning her back off that, but she seems desperate for the attention and contact time.

Now for a bit more work to catch up before a day off tomorrow.

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