Tuesday, November 14, 2023

NaBloPoMo 13 14 flickers of joy

Monday 13 November

Lydia had an inset day today so we had a relaxed morning bumbling around playing before cycling up to the hospital for her blood test. She was very brave about it, even though she was very scared.

Went into town afterward for well done ice cream and to buy Christmas and birthday presents and autumn socks. She was an absolute star all day and we had such a nice time looking at all the decorations and lights and her playing at being my personal stylist. It was so good to have a good day with her, not a day of shouting.

Home for leftover beef stew and pasta, Tom played trains with the girls before bedtime. He also started bedtime as I went to Phoebe's nursery parents evening. Nursery very happy with her, and say she's very kind and caring towards her friends which is nice to hear.

Ceroc class for me in the evening. They had one of their monthly advanced masterclasses on tonight, which I've always managed to miss before somehow. Really enjoyed it and got to dance with some new people which was great. I'm still a bit rusty, funding it hard to find the cues from the leads sometimes, but it was still absolutely life giving. And makes me want find other dance classes to try. 

Tuesday 14 November.

Phoebe up at 4am, didn't really go back to sleep. Tom Tom over at 6am and I went back to bed until 8am. Rushed to get dressed but got Lydia out of house and to school in time.

Back for a morning of back to back calls, and catching up on emails from being out the office for two days. Then went to town for a cuppa with my friend on my lunch break and then up garage to pick up my car. £500 lighter for a new bit of plastic and a wiring loom for the cruise control and needing to go to a specialist to get it recalibrated, home for more work on summer evaluation before the girls got home.

Savoury pancakes for tea, then bedtime. Seemed to have cracked Phoebe going to bed with no milk, with Tom doing her bedtime and I doing Lydia's. Lydia settled quickly after reading me three stories to get ahead on her reading challenge.

Then back to work for a bit, and tidying up before bed. Just sitting down to chill out for a bit before going to sleep.

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