Friday, November 03, 2023

NaBloPoMo 3 - away away

Man I have such a Moana earworm. 

Day off today for my annual spa weekend with Jess, pay back for Tom and Andy going away with John for their Bradshaw train adventures.

Sheer the school run and loading the dishwasher, drove up to Leighton Buzzard to get Jess. First time doing kinder distance in Tom's electric car, had to stop at Fleet for a top up. His is an older model so range is only 150 miles. Almost felt quite luxurious stopping and having coffee whilst it charged.

Was bit of traffic on M25 but not too bad. Had cup of tea at Jess' before heading off again. We went for lunch in Leighton Buzzard to a very nice Turkish restaurant which had a great fixed price menu. We had falafel, borek, lamb and chicken yogurt beity, baklava, kadayifa and ice cream. It had very dramatic interior design, all black and gold, and the food was really really good! 

After a short mooch around the charity shops we headed off to our location for the weekend, the Wyboston Lakes Resort. This weekend away, rather than doing a full overnight spa package somewhere, we'd gone for a day package somewhere with a thermal spa, and booked our accommodation separately.

This site has three accomodation centres, one aimed at training, one at events, and a more upmarket hotel with the spa. There's also some offices with a co-working space, a leisure centre, something called a knowledge centre, and a water sports centre on site. It's quite pretty with lakes and nature reserves surrounding the mainly 1980s building.

We'd booked to stay in the midrange event centre, but due to low occupancy there, they'd shut that site and moved us to the training centre. I wasn't impressed that they'd not reduced the price as the training centre rooms were a lot cheaper, so I complained and we got given a superior room in the training centre instead.

We checked in about 5pm, and spent the evening chilling, eating our leftovers from lunch, and going for a swim and sauna at the leisure centre. We also walked to the nearby Lidl to pick up some supplies for the evening. It's so nice to be catching up with an old friend.

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