Sunday, November 12, 2023

NaBloPoMo 10 11 12

First fail of the month.

Friday 10th Nov

Car had airbag warning light comes on last night, so after walking Lydia to school, took car to garage with Tom and he drive me back home. Worked from home in morning, had afternoon off. Got house tidied up for Bradshaw weekend guests coming this evening. Collected Lydia from school with Phoebe as Tom had burnt his hands (not too badly) trying to grease a shredder. (Don't ask.)

John and Adele arrived after kids bedtime with a Vietnamese takeaway, Jess and Andy and kids later still. Evening of wine and chatting.

Saturday 11th Nov.

Up early with kids, Tom went out early to get bread and milk. Much chaos, but all made it out to Milestones museum in Basingstoke for 11am. Kids enamoured with vintage arcade. Dragged them away to get lunch in cafe, Phoebe then getting fractious, so left others in museum and drove her around to get her to sleep. Kids apparently enjoyed 1940s sweet shop. Phoebe very sad on way home, had to bribe her with snacks.

Did firepit, hotdogs and toasted marshmallows for tea, lots of fairy lights and mulled wine. Very festive and jolly including an outside disco with Lydia, Lara, John, Andy and me whilst Tom put Phoebe to bed. Then more wine and chatting whilst Tom made Beef Bourgogne for tomorrow's lunch.

Today 12th November

Phoebe awake at 4am for an hour, always amazed that Lydia doesn't stir when they're in the same room and Phoebe cries. Went back to bed till 9am, Tom up with kids at 6. Much playing all morning from kids whilst chaps typed up their trip a bit more. Took Phoebe up for milk and a nap just before lunch, which was delicious.

Film time after lunch as kids knackered. John and Adele left about 3, then picky bits for tea and then Treharnes went home. 

Watched Diwali fireworks out of loft bedroom windows with Lydia whilst Tom got Phoebe to bed, Tom read Lydia's story and I chilled out in bed. Cut Tom's hair when he was fine with kids, and did a bit of tidying.

Always impressed at how our kids and the Treharne kids just muck on and start playing with each other like they live next door and play together every day rather than living 2 hours away. They're both really sweet about Phoebe wanting to join in.

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