Saturday, November 18, 2023

NaBloPoMo 17 family

Up early with kids, had fun time playing with them and getting them dressed. So much so thatv it got to 8am and Lydia hadn't had breakfast and I wasn't dressed.b Phoebe took some convincing to wrest her PJ's and dressing firm to nursery as a fundraising thing for Children in Need. Lydia also had non uniform day in exchange for bringing in peizes for the Christmas Fayre next week.

Quick turn around later and it was a fast march to school in the rain, carrying Lydia over a big muddy puddle. Just made it time for the bell. Then big quite at reception to hand over bottles. Lots of jokes that we were actually stocking the bar for the staff Xmas do.

Then home via a peep at the reopened baker at the Triangle, for a morning of NO MEETINGS! Managed to finish a task that had been hanging over me and to run training in the afternoon.

Finished up in time to cook tea and watch Phoebe whilst Tom took Lydia to swimming. My sisters and Aoife arrived for Family Friday dinner and then it was a fun evening of kid chaos and Friday night disco and giving Aoife her second birthday present of a scooter and accessories.

Ellie and Verity stayed until 1030pm having put Aoife to bed earlier, and we had a great chat. Such a good time.

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