Wednesday, November 29, 2023

NaBloPoMo 28-29

Tuesday 28 November
Working from home today. Got extremely frustrated with my slow work computer when trying to edit this reel. Went out at 245pm to pick up Martin from the airport, then carried on working from home until Tom and the girls got back. Played with kids whilst Tom got tea. They were adorably excited to see Martin. Phoebe wanted me to do get bedtime and sing the 'baby Jesus' song again. (Away in a Manger). Had to swap with Tom as she wasn't settling, went in to cuddle with Lydia instead. Then worked on reel all evening, eventually switched to my own faster computer. Came out all right!

Wednesday 29 November
Home with kids today. Tom out early for work, morning went pretty ok for once. Phoebe desperate to wear her super sparkly tutu dress again. After school drop off went back home to get Martin and went to Places Leisure in Eastleigh for one of their Crafty Tots sessions. Phoebe mega into it and didn't want to leave. 

Short play in the playground, then off to Smyths Toys in Hedge End and Sainsbury's for Christmas shopping and grocery shopping. Phoebe very excited about everything in the shops, kept her in the trolley to keep her contained. Wanted to hold Martin's hand the whole time too.

Then back to school for pickup with a pit stop for potties and to pick up ballet gear. Got Lydia and went straight over to ballet, stuffing snacks in the kids. Traffic in Southampton has been so terrible, I wanted to try and beat it by going straight there.

Managed to get Lydia in ballet ok, so after another potty stop, walked from Highfield to Portswood with one of the ballet mum friends and Martin and I went in search of hot chocolate whilst she went to shop for advent calendars.

Back in the car for a looooonng journey home, Phoebe feel asleep, disaster! Home for dinner that Tom had cooked in child free peace, then straight in to bedtime and snuggled with Lydia for ages where she couldn't get to sleep.

Downstairs to rewrite school playground equipment grant application and to check emails ahead of day in London tomorrow.

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