Saturday, November 04, 2023

NaBloPoMo 4 - relaxed

Today we woke up about 8am and leisurely meandered to breakfast. There was only one other couple eating breakfast in the huge restaurant space, and some kind of training event setting up the other side of the building. It must be very busy here on a weekday.

Then it was off to the fancier hotel for our spa day. They have a thermal spa suite as well as treatment rooms. We've had a really relaxing day with a hot stone massage and facial, and then floating away in the hydrotherapy pool outside whilst it rained on us, and enjoying the different temperatures of sauna and steam room.

A mezze platter lunch was included, and one of my favourite bits of the day was curling up in an egg chair with my book for an hour.

After floating back to our room to drop off wet cossies, we found a cosy pub for a couple of drinks and a chippy for some substance to take back to our room. We're now relaxing again and settling in for a night of Strictly and sloe port. What an absolute treat.

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