Tuesday, November 28, 2023

November 22 - 27

 Apologies world, life got away from me!

Wed 22 November

Second day of team conference. Woke up well rested from un broken sleep, had hotel breakfast, spent day listening to some very interesting nature campaigning sessions with Haroon Mota from Muslim Hikers and Tayshan Hayden Smith from Grow2Know. Left a bit early to beat traffic, got home in time for kids bedtime.

Thursday 23 November

Usual day of meetings and then went to my sister's after kids' bedtime to be her body double and help with sorting out my neice's toys. Gots loads done with her, felt really productive.

Friday 24 November

Glorious day for me, usual school run then off to Hinton Ampner to film some video for social media content of their Neverland themed Christmas offer. Absolutely stunning, such a treat.  Even got to have a hot chocolate! Then home to start uploading all the footage. Knocked off in time for Lydia's school Christmas fair - absolute choas and extortion, but she loves it. Took her swimming then home for tea and dancing.

Saturday 25 November

Got kids up and dressed, then off to Robin and Olivia's extension warming party over lunch, Lydia adorable in her Victorian lady crinoline dressing up dress. Then off to kids opera at the Mayflower by the WNO with Ellie, Andy and Aoife. Met Lydia's friend Rosa there, much shenanigans over seating arrangements. Opera good, had some famous pieces and a kids friendly story poking fun at opera tropes. Phoebe quite wiggly, but liked 'the sad lady singing' Walked over to Nandos in Guildhall Square after as it was kids tea time, again chaos but fun.

Sunday 26 November

Quiet day at home sorting out old toys before Christmas, doing the washing and the washing up. My parents popped in for a cuppa on the way home from seeing my Grandparents. Hadn't told Lydia she was very excited to see them.

Monday 27 November

In the Micheldever office today for 1:1 with one of my direct reports, lovely and peaceful. Lots of meetings! Home in time to help with tea, kids went to bed pretty quickly, then had takeaway curry with some mum friends from school.

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