Thursday, November 30, 2023

NaBloPoMo 30 London Baby

Up with Phoebe at about 630am for a short feed and then getting her dressed for nursery. She's just starting to have opinons about clothes which is both cute and annoying. Then went in to wake Lydia about 7am. Tom came down to get her dressed whilst I went to get dressed, with Phoebe being my little shadow and trying to get things out of drawers for me.

Dashed downstairs to leave, Tom taking girls to childcare whilst I went to the Southampton Airport station to get train to London.

Listened to music for once on train and knitted on way there, all cosy in my cocoon coat. Treated myself to a coffee, and then day of team planning, which I think went well but I can never tell.

Home again about 4pm, listened to meditation tracks on way back and had a nap. Probably snored loads, but I don't care.

Made it back home for about 5:30pm, had dinner whilst helping clean Phoebe up from a potty trainin accident and meeting all Lydia's endless food demands. Then did quick bath for Phoebe, and sorted her hair out, then swapped and did Lydia's bedtime. She really didn't want to settle, up and down a few times. 

Evening of admin sorting Tom's passport and driving licence renewals, Christmas food orders and working on my 2021 photo book. I'm very behind with these. 

And that's the end of November for another year.

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