Thursday, November 09, 2023

NaBloPoMo 9 nothing sort of day

Sometimes I marvel at how small my life has become.

Woke up to feed Phoebe about 7, she asked to feed in Mummy's bed which is what she calls the spare bed as we go in there so as not to disturb Tom.

Got her dressed for nursery, Lydia came in to play, they played baby seals really nicely for about 30 mins. A glimpse of the future I hope.

Phoebe off to nursery with Tom. Lydia and got dressed, and ate our pancakes on the way to school as we were running late again. Not too many dramas this morning.

Then home and straight into work. Loads if emails to catch up on, couple of team meetings. An award nomination for regional work awards, that was nice. Too much to do and bit enough time as always.

Stopped at 5pm and started cooking the tea Tom had prepared. Girls came in desperate for me, so fed Phoebe and watched a programme with them whilst snuggling on sofa.

Fajitas for tea, gobbled up by Lydia. Phoebe bit snotty and under the weather so took her up for bath early. Full curly girl hair wash routine for her, then took her for milk. Swapped with Tom so he could read her stories and get her to sleep and went to finish up Lydia's bath.

Managed to get her in bed by pretending she was a big baby. Lots of her threatening me and trying to negotiate but tried to keep it light and plain. She was alseep by 1930. More house tidying to do tonight.

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