Tuesday, November 07, 2023

NaBloPoMo 7 - inclusivity

Early start for me today as off to hear office for some inclusive leadership training. Lydia still asleep when I left.

Traffic not too bad, arrived with 20min to spare. Trainers very, very good. Lots of inclusive training practices which I want to work into my own work, even little things like acknowledging people's energy levels and saying you don't need permission to take a break at any point.

Training itself well structured and thought provoking, again a few actions I need to take on for my whole team, like all leads doing the inclusive recruitment training as they support with recruitment even if they don't lead it. 

Burrito for lunch with my team members also on course, nice to catch up 

Traffic home pretty bad, had to stop for a coffee as falling asleep at wheel.

Lydia grumpy on my return, as was Tom. Managed to keep bedtime on track, nice reading time with Lydia again, but harder to persuade to go to sleep this evening. Just about to have some cold bits for tea myself, Tom's out at home group.

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