Tuesday, November 21, 2023

NaBloPoMo 20 and 21

Monday 20th 

I can't even remember much of what I did today. I think everyone slept in a bit after our late night with friends round for dinner and there was much shouting and gnashing of teeth trying to get out the door. 

Home from the school run via the newly reopened bakery to pick up bread, and then a day of work calls. Also spent a lot of time calling various mental health services to try and work out what other talking therapy I can access which took a lot of my time and energy.

Made roast dinner left overs for kids but neither very interested when they got home from school/nursery.

Had lovely dance party before bed, I love dancing with the girls, trying to find interesting songs for them and messing around. Lydia decided on a new special dance move with Daddy where he swings her between his legs rock and roll style to go with the special one I do with her where I swing her round from one side to the other whilst stepping over her.

Phoebe wanted me to put her to bed tonight, I sang her to sleep to try and avoid feeding to sleep. She asked for the 'jesus song' which means Away in a Manger apparently.

Then off to dancing afterwards. I love going to my Ceroc class. The act of following a lead, concentrating on the moves, takes up all my brain. I can't think about anything else. I live for when a lead gives me the space to breathe into the music, add my styling, take it one step further. I can't wait for Martin to be here so I can dance with a familiar partner and really play and improvise.

Home about 1130, faffed with packing, bed about midnight 

Tuesday 21 November

Phoebe woke up about 3am, wouldn't really go back to sleep, so took her to spare bed. She fed and slept on and off until about 6am. Took her back upstairs to my room and sat her in bed with the Twirlywoos on my phone to occupy her whilst Tom dozed and I showered and got ready to leave. She very sweetly "No want mummy go work, mummy stay in our house" all soft round cheeks and cuddles.

Left to collect my colleague Job from Romsey at 6:35, arrived 7:10, then off cross country to A34 and M4, wanting to avoid the Swindon rush hour. Delightful convo all about her new house purchase. Stopped for breakfast and coffee, arrived at head office about 9am.

All day in Marketing Directorate team day, kind of conference thing. Great to catch up with central colleagues and former regional team alumni and interesting session on being good ancestors thinking about our legacies. Day in opened with fantastic voguing performance from the dancers from the recent NT Space to Have a Ball Outernwt project. 

Spent evening catching up with regional colleagues in a local bar, my team is fully dispersed round region so a real treat to all be in the same location for once.

Back at hotel now, enjoying the freebies with my accidental room upgrade due to the hotel being busy - chocolate bar and cans of Pepsi and posh coffee. Bed soon!

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