Saturday, November 18, 2023

NaBloPoMo 18 - birthday

 Up bright an early with the kids this morning. Snuggled up on the lovechair feeding Phoebe and cuddling Lydia whilst looking at cake icing videos to discuss very advanced plans for birthday cakes. So far Lydia wants a Teddy Bear's Picnic at the Seaside theme, and Phoebe wants a 'Red cake' :)

Got them dressed - both selecting party dresses as we were going out for my Dad's birthday today. Lydia wearing one of mine from when I was little. Usual chaos trying to get out the house, but good natured all round. Quite a delayed journey due to going in to town to get a click and collect order of a new raincoat for me, and three potty stops for Phoebe.

Lunch was at the InExcess garden centre at Landford near Salisbury. Very nice cafe, very understaffed. Poor team there, they did a brillant job all things considered and the food was nice. Lovely to spend time with the family. There's 11 of us when we all get together now, with sisters, partners and nieces. My godfather Kelvin, dad's old uni friend joined us too and it was lovely to see him too.

After much walking around the garden centre to entertain Phoebe and chatting and drawing, we went home about 3:30pm and curled up for a bit watching TV before I made a quick pasta dinner.

Went out to babysit for a one of Lydia's little friends tonight whilst her parents went out to a concert, got a lot of online Christmas shopping done. 

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