Monday, November 06, 2023

NaBloPoMo 6 - another boring day

Up early with the kids. Lydia very grumpy, asked Tom to take her to school so we did a kid swap rather than our usual school runs.

Normal working day today at home for me, back to back calls, pretty boring, and long. 

Finished up at 5pm to sort cold bits tea for girls. Again Lydia pretty grumpy but managed to get them all in to bed. Spent nice half hour reading with Lydia.

Then went to Ceroc class in Chandler's Ford. Very good for me to do something that pushes me out of my comfort zone and had a few superb dances amongst lots of good ones. Finding it hard to relax into it and making a fair few mistakes, but only my second class back after a very long break so hoping it will settle soon. 

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