Wednesday, November 01, 2023

NaBloPoMo 1 - mainly in cars

 Welcome back to my regular but infrequent personal mass observation experiment where I blog everyday for a month.

Today is my Wednesday when I'm at home with Phoebe. I also do both school runs and take Lydia to ballet on Wednesdays.

Was a bit of a damp one, and we went to school by car as I had errands to run in the afternoon. Hard work getting everyone out the house, but managed it. Phoebe very good at walking holding my hand this morning, nice change.

After we'd dropped Lydia off, I tried going to pick up some of the online shopping I'd ordered, but it hadn't arrived yet. So we went back to swimming, halloween themed session today which was fun for Phoebe. She really enjoyed kicking a floating real life pumpkin to encourage her to kick whilst lying on her back. 

We stayed for a bit of the fun swim after where I had my hair throughly watered by Phoebe using all the little watering cans. We went back to Next after that, successfully picked up by order, and I had drive thru for lunch whilst Phoebe napped.

We went to Bitterne library after Phoebe's lunch to drop off a book. I'd forgotten they had a rhyme time singing sesson on Wednesday afternoons. She wasn't mad keen on joining in with the songs, but really wanted to do the craft activities. Will try that again another time. She was a happy little soul most of teh day.

Picked up Lydia at 3.15pm and drove home so she could get ready for ballet. Both girls downed a lot of snacks and Tom was fortunately home in time to watch Phoebe. Means she doesn't have to stand outside the Portswood Residents Association in the rain for the best part of an hour whilst Lydia's in ballet, and I get to go have a grown up cup of tea in a Portswood cafe with the dance parents I know from school.

Traffic was terrible coming home, Lydia and I were in the car for the best part of an hour, and it's only like 2 miles away from home tops. We had a big Moana sing along session as she's quite into the film these days.

Chicken and rice for tea, Phoebe and Tom had eaten whilst waiting for us. Then Tom was out for pizza with his friends tonight, so I did solo bedtime. Some shouting on my part as Lydia really didn't want to do anything she was asked. I am a pretty rubbish parent most of the time these days, I have zero patience for anything.

Lydia not actually asleep until 8.30pm, so only had energy to make cup of tea and flop in front TV before bed.

Very windy and rainy in night due to Storm Ciar√°n. Rain on the velux windows of our loft conversion bedroom very loud because of the angle, like rain on a tent, kept me awake for lots of the time.

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