Sunday, November 07, 2021

NaBloPoMo 7: homeward

Phoebe woke at 545, and I fed her, then tried to get her back down which was partially successful. Tom was going to take her for a bit but in the end I got her dressed and took her down so I could eat and she could have a play on the playmat around 845 after the second feed, as Tom wanted a shower. Lydia was watching telly as Granny had got up with Lydia and they had already breakfasted. Crossiants with jam, butter and blueberries for me.

Swapped when Tom came down and went and got washed and dressed and packed up as much of our stuff as I could. Then back downstairs to feed Phoebe again.

Tom and Lydia and Phil went out on the ATV whilst I fed Phoebe and Granny started lunch. They love whizzing about the fields in the mud. Back in time for Lydia snack time, I did another round of feeding and trying to get Phoebe to nap, then cajoled Lydia into playing and listening to Sarah and Duck radio. I know I'm really bad for it too but the other grownups don't get down on the floor to encourage her to play and then she just wants the TV.  A good reminder to me to start imaginative games with her etc.

Lunch was roast chicken and apple crumble, mainly from the in-laws garden which is awesome. Another round of feeding for me whilst Tom packed the car. I made Lydia a little packed tea for the journey home later, then it was time to go. Loved all the family singing together to keep Lydia awake!

We went home via Andover to have a short visit to Tom's dad.  He'd been in hospital for a couple of days to have some IV antibiotics for yet another lung infection and he's still not in a good way, so Tom had wanted to take the girls to see him to cheer him up. When we got there at 3pm, he'd not eaten the lunch his carers had left him, and was asleep in his chair. He was pleased to see us, and mainly spent the hour we were making conversation about Phoebe as Lydia and Tom sorted through some old photos. He won't wear his hearing aids though which makes chatting challenging. 

When I could see him getting tired, I got us to make a move home. Lydia ate her packed tea in the car, and the journey was packed with i-Spy to try and keep her awake. Once home we unpacked the car and I popped Phoebe in the baby gym whilst Lydia and I did some painting before bed. 

Tom's done Lydia bedtime which went pretty smoothly. I'm doing Phoebe's and she's been doing a piercing cry like something is hurting and not settling. Hoping she'll settle soon, can't see anything obvious.

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