Saturday, November 13, 2021

NaBloPoMo 13: breathe

So I went to sleep after Phoebe's bedtime feed last night and almost missed the dream feed too, Tom had to wake me when he came up to do it! Clearly I needed sleep.

Both girls slept in a bit this morning. Lydia not massively keen on getting dressed but got there in the end by getting her to choose both mine and Phoebe's clothes. Lydia wanted pancakes for breakfast so humoured her whilst Tom was getting Phoebe changed. Inevitably Phoebe wanted milk so I fed her with one hand and got Lydia to do more of the cooking whilst I supervised. Fortunately Phoebe went to sleep pretty quickly as it was 830am and first nap of the day time, and I was able to finish cooking the pancakes by the time Tom came down from getting dressed. Made scotch pancakes/drop scones so I could make shaped ones at Lydia's request. Today's most complicated ones were star shaped and person shaped ones. I hope this is what she remembers of her early childhood and not me and Tom getting annoyed with her.

I'm a very empathetic ( think that's the right word), sensitive to other people's moods, and both Tom and I were pretty grumpy this morning and Lydia's behaviour was winding us up. Then I got in a loop of being grumpy because Tom and Lydia were grumpy with me. In the end I asked to start again  once I worked this out, in the car on the way to the country park, which helped a bit!

We took a packed lunch to Royal Victoria Country Park, and met up with some is our NCT friends. We had been meeting on Friday nights once a month for tea at IKEA pre pandemic, but that's not really possible now with people moving further away and school approaching, so we're doing a weekend meet up instead and it's a very much come if you're free kind of thing.

Had a nice time trailing after the kids and going on the train. Then home to get tea on before my parents arrived. Originally due to come on Friday, we'd been waiting on Dad's PCR test to come back after he'd been Track and Traced due to exposure to someone who was asymptomatic. 

I love having them to stay. Having kids really brought home to me how much they love me and I them. I think it's seeing how they interact with my children and seeing how they must have been with me when I was a baby and small child. The bit of my life I can't remember. And also being grateful for the enormous amount of work they put in looking after me at that age, which I appreciate now I have to do it for my own kids. Dad spent ages sat on the floor trying to get a smile out of Phoebe whilst she was on her playmat, and Mum played a board game with Lydia, even though I know she doesn't really like board games.

Chicken, leek and tarrgon stew with dumplings for dinner, then mum did Lydia's bedtime, I started Phoebe's early as she was getting grumpy. Tom tidied the kitchen and dad worked on his cafe church presentation for tomorrow.

Once Phoebe was asleep, took mum to Sainsbury's to get their groceries as they were going to get them on the way home but I thought getting them tonight would save some time that we can all spend together. Mum enjoyed going round a massive supermarket after a year of not really going round one.

Then home for bed and the dream feed. 

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