Sunday, November 28, 2021

NaBloPoMo 28: cosy

Lydia in really really for a cuddle after Phoebe woke really really for milk. Tom got Lydia dressed before heading out for the day as he was on call.

Bit of TV time after breakfast to catch up on Strictly whilst Phoebe had second breakfast. Lydia and I liked John and Johannes' Argentine tango with the 'lucky legs' 

Then chores time. Lydia helped unload the dishwasher a bit, and hang up washing a bit, and clean lay the table for lunch a bit, not bad for a 3 year old. Shout out to Martin for washing up and keeping an eye on Lydia whilst I squeezed a shower and cleaned the bathroom to a cursory level. Phoebe bounced in her bouncy chair whilst I scrubbed grout and enjoyed watching the dirt rinse away.

Made chocolate cup cakes with Lydia, she revelled in using the electric whisk and spooning out mixture all by herself whilst I kept stopping to feed or change Phoebe. Came out really nicely.

After a bit of a haphazard lunch of cold bits out the fridge due to Lydia being a bit testing and lateral flow tests all round, we took the cakes to Jon and Hannah's. Jasper had asked when 'my Lydia' could come and play again after Wednesday. Very cute.

An afternoon of kids playing relatively nicely together followed suit whilst grownups drank tea and babies fed and were passed around. Life almost felt normal for a bit. I love having some friends with kids a similar age to ours, it's so nice to be able to socialise regularly without fear of being judged for what your kids are doing.

Tom made it back to join us for most of the afternoon with a short break to take a generator in Fair Oak off supply. Fairly busy on call for him after the storms,  he's only been back on call a few times since moving back to networks after a stint in contacting, and most of those have been quiet. Delicious roast lamb for tea.

Home after tea with a grumpy Phoebe ready for bed. Boys did Lydia's bedtime whilst I sorted Phoebe, Tom back out on call after Lydia in bed. Watched Strictly results with Martin about 830 when Phoebe done feeding, put washing on, and sorted out clean washing.

Enjoyed Phoebe's little grins today and her face of joy when I alternately kiss her cheeks very quickly or nom her cheeks.

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