Wednesday, November 03, 2021

NaBloPoMo 3: survived

Phoebe went to sleep quite well last night,  so I managed to get out with my NCT friends for a drink,  which was fun. I fed her around 7:30 and then left her with Tom. He said she had half a bottle of milk about 8pm and he walked her round a bit but then she was asleep until I came home at 10:15.

Went to HarBar at the Harbour Hotel. No outdoor space open at the moment but everything very well spaced out. Took me a while to warm up, was feeling anxious. But enjoyed it overall. Going out with the NCT mums is good as it's designated talking about baby time which means I'm less boring about kids when I see my child free friends.

Think Lydia came in during the night but don't really remember.

Woke up about 6:45 with the daylight alarm. Tom went to get Lydia dressed and breakfasted. I fed Phoebe and got myself dressed and brought down some washing to go on, whilst Lydia played around me. Tom had made me some toast and left it for me before he left for work. Ate that and fed Phoebe again, then Lydia got herself ready for swimming whilst I sorted out washing. Phoebe did an enormous poo just as we were leaving which was helpful! Lydia adorably gave Phoebe her finger to suck whilst I was trying to load the car as she was crying.

Off to swimming at 10:10, with a grumpy Phoebe in tow. Bit late really, but made it there at 10:25. Lydia helpfully got her shoes off and got her clothes off nicely and happily made her way into the pool. The lessons are only 30 mins long, and spent most of it feeding Phoebe in the changing room after another nappy change.

Lydia had done a good job, apparently we need to work on putting her face in the water. Not sure how to do that in the bath safely!

She was very sad and cold whilst getting  changed but we got there. Then into the car for packed lunch whilst we drove into town to buy Tom's Autumn Socks. Phoebe fell asleep in the car, and stayed asleep during the transfer to and from the sling to carseat. She stayed also till we got back at 2pm.

We went to ASDA first to get the first batch of godchildren socks. Had a hard time dragging Lydia away from the racks of Disney Princess clothing and pink toys. It's like it's hardwired into small girls. I know it's societal. And feminine isn't bad. I just don't want it to be her be all and end all. 

Then on to John Lewis for Tom's socks. Lydia loved the escalators and the Christmas decorations. She picked his socks out carefully and took them to the till, and wanted to carry them separately home, which I talked her out of.

Tried M&S for the older godsons' socks but to no avail and then came home. Lydia asking for more snacks on the way home. Think she must be going through another growth spurt as she's always hungry.

Really enjoyed going to town with Lydia. I like listening to her little observations and chatting away as we go along. I might try taking her to the gallery between ballet and swimming another Wednesday as it was better than coming home and not really being able to play with her because of Phoebe.

When we came home, nappy change and feed for Phoebe and then telly time for Lydia. I madly dashed about making cauliflower cheese to bake whilst we were out whilst Phoebe sat in her bouncy chair and bashed her toys.

Just about squeaked out to ballet in time. Chatted to my ballet mum friends whilst Lydia was in, and Lydia came out happy. Forgot to ask her what she did, oops! She tripped up on the way back to the car and was pretty sad all the way home, probably because she was tired. Both her and Phoebe fell asleep, all cosy in the warmth of the car and with the soothing classical music.

Home to another bit of telly for Lydia whilst I got tea ready. She's got into watching Mister Maker's Arty Party on Cbeebies which has given us some more craftv ideas and she joins in with all the dances. She really loves singing and dancing and has a good memory for lyrics, trying to get me to sing Supercalifragalisticexpialdocious from Mary Poppins all the time.

Tom arrived home to eat with us which was nice, and he played Lego with Lydia after tea whilst I fed Phoebe again. He did Lydia's bedtime and I got Phoebe ready for bed. She fed for a long time and I got her down at 8:30. Then I've come downstairs for a cuppa and some chocolate and a bit of Strictly before I tackle tidying the house ahead of the cleaner coming tomorrow. I'm so grateful for being able to afford the cleaner.

Felt like today was one of my better Wednesdays. I wasn't too shouty and we got everywhere at the right time near enough.

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