Wednesday, November 17, 2021

NaBloPoMo 17: busy

Woke up with Tom's alarm of 6:45 and fed Phoebe, Lydia came in for a cuddle. Tom got her dressed and took her down for breakfast whilst I sorted Phoebe out.

Had breakfast myself whilst sorting many bags out for going out for the day. The plan was dentist, walk, swimming, walk, ballet. Pretty much nailed it but I'm knackered now.

Left early for the dentist as Tom had said traffic was bad, but got there in good time. Lydia's teeth all fine, she did a great job and was thrilled with her sticker.

Stopped for snack time and fed Phoebe on the common then had a bit of a walk about, enjoying the autumn sunshine and trying to catch leaves. Which she actually managed once. Saw squirrels and birds too.

 Shame about the dog that ran up to Lydia from behind when she'd walked on a little ahead of me and tried to jump up and lick her face. She was petrified but unhurt and it took all my of strength to stay calm and reassure her after. It was mere seconds, but felt like a lifetime as I tried to run to her with Phoebe strapped to me. The owner tried calling the dog off whilst running to intervene too, and I was like' no just get your dog' in my head. They did the classic 'he's just trying to be friendly, we have kids at home' and his partner did stop to check we were ok. But dog owners, please put your dogs on leads in public places, even on the Common. My kid is not the problem, she was just minding her own business dancing and singing to the falling leaves. 

We chatted about what happened and how she felt scared, and to stop and turn her back on the dog if it happens again. And she was inevitably very scared of any dogs walking past after. I don't particularly like dogs myself, but am able to grab a dog collar and put it away from me now if they're jumping up after years of practice.

We had picnic lunch in the car after that, then went on to swimming. We were a bit early there too, so I let Lydia shower extensively before the lesson and changed Phoebe's nappy to fill some time. Fed Phoebe whilst waiting. Lydia did well in her lesson, and then I got her changed into her ballet things. 

After that, I was gasping for a hot drink, so we went to Portswood and had a hot chocolate and a babyccino in the garden at Trago Lounge, fed Phoebe, and used their baby change and loos. Lydia loved this, going to a cafe is such a big treat for her.

Then it was off to ballet. Which she enjoyed too, and I had a natter to other ballet mums. 

Home by 5pm. Tom did cold bits for Lydia's tea whilst I unpacked bags and fed Phoebe. 

Am giving Phoebe another bedtime feed as she had one at 7 and settled for a bit before being grumpy. 

Laura's here now to help us clear out stuff.

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