Wednesday, November 10, 2021

NaBloPoMo 10: terrible

Tom left early again, girls both up late again. Got Lydia dressed eventually, she upset we didn't have time to make pancakes before swimming. Think she has a latent memory of us doing that on Wednesdays before Phoebe was born.

Got to swimming nice and early, Lydia managed to put face in water at the end after my prompting before the lesson.

Packed lunch in car on way home, window fitter came to measure up the bay windows, half heatedly managed to do some housework, then out to ballet.

Found myself being invited with some other ballet mums for a very quick cuppa at one of their houses nearby whilst the lesson was on. I needed that cuppa today. Lydia has been extremely argumentative and I am feeling extremely drained and physically achy which has led to me being very shouty. Lydia told me she didn't like me because I was shouting. I did apologise and she's just come in for a cuddle whilst I do Phoebe bedtime as she was scared so I hope I'm forgiven. Just can't cope with much today.

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