Monday, November 08, 2021

NaBloPoMo 8: shopping

We all overslept this morning as hadn't turned on our daylight alarm clock last night. I fed Phoebe whilst Tom got Lydia dressed and first breakfasted then took Phoebe in her pijamas to take Lydia to nursery. Squeaked in at 8:15am so she got her second preschool breakfast.

Had taken shopping bags with me so went straight to Aldi after. Another feed for Phoebe in the carpark, then into the carrier for her. She was a bit unsettled but then fell asleep as I walked around.

Going shopping still feels like a bit of a treat after not going much last year. Where we're in the bit of my maternity leave where my pay is reduced, we need to be sensible about our outgoings and food and eating out is easily some of the largest after bills and childcare. So I was merrily buying the Aldi version of as much as possible on the shopping list, then on to Waitrose for the other pieces. 

We do shopping for Tom's dad now too, and one of the things he wanted was a nailbrush. None in Aldi or Waitrose, or Superdrug and Boots only had giant wooden ones. Ended up getting one in Portswood Hardware Store, which like all such Aladdin's Cave type stores has everything you might ever need. Whilst going around it I found a small can of brass colour spray paint we can use to spray the toilet flush button so they match the brass fittings in the rest of the bathroom in the loft.

Had to abandon ship half way around Waitrose as Phoebe was sad enough to be worrying the staff, and go and feed and change her nappy in the car. They kindly held by shopping trolley at customer services until I came back.

Went and got a cuppa at McDonald's drive through to drink with a couple of reduced hotcross buns for my lunch whilst feeding Phoebe again after that bout of shopping. Pondered the Aldi Christmas catalogue, much like the Waitrose one, seeing a much smaller/simpler range of Christmas food this year, probably Brexit and Covid related. 

Also took a jaunt through October Books whilst in Portswood and bought Phoebe a nice board book about community for her Christmas stocking. As the second child and only being 4 months old at Christmas, she doesn't really need anything, but I wanted something for her. 

Shopping done, came home with Phoebe asleep in the car mid afternoon, so brought in the shopping and unpacked it whilst she woke up. She watched the washing machine for a bit when she did wake. Then it was nappy change and milk time and lunch and Strictly Come Dancing for me.

Next up was bath time for Phoebe. She really likes her bath. Lots of smiles and spent some time trying to moisture her eczema on her scalp. She liked playing with the towels too. 

Was giving Phoebe her 5pm feed when Tom and Lydia got back from preschool, and spent some time chatting with Lydia and playing. Then we all came back downstairs, and Laura arrived about 6pm. She's come today to help us tidy up our bedroom ahead of the move to the loft as we're going to be a wardrobe down due to the sloping ceilings.

Tom did Lydia bedtime and I and Laura took over making the curry Tom had started until I needed to do Phoebe bedtime. I'm currently feeding Phoebe to sleep in front room as we're going to put her to have her first night sleep in the carrycot so we can tidy the bedroom.

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