Saturday, November 20, 2021

NaBloPoMo 19: honoured

Everyone woke up late this morning where Tom didn't have to go to work for to annual leave to take his dad back to the opticians. I fed Phoebe then raced around getting Lydia and myself dressed. Pijamas and spotty clothes for Children in Need for Lydia today. She wore her giraffe pijs and I put her hair up in space buns to look like girrafe ossicones which she liked.

I took Lydia up to preschool as Tom was still getting dressed and he got Phoebe ready. When I got back, he was getting breakfast for everyone so I had some toast and did my lateral flow test then packed the car to go and see Ellie, Andy and Aoife. Inevitably Phoebe did a huge poo then wanted feeding as I tried to get out the door. 

An hour later than I planned, made it to Waitrose, abandoned all thoughts of going to multiple shops to keep prices down and bought some supplies for us, Ellie and Tom's dad, then walked down the road to get some bits from Boots for Ellie. Phoebe was all smiles till the end of my shopping trip when she needed a sleep and got grumpy.

She did eventually sleep while I raced her up and down Portswood High Street and in the car on the way over to Totton.

At Ellie and Andy's, Andy helped me unload all the bits and bobs, then I did exactly as my mum did for me with my babies, making tea, sending them to rest, making snacks, cuddling Aoife and sorting bits out. I was also honoured to be asked by Ellie for some advice on breastfeeding. Helping my sister with feeding was a 'woah the great continuum of women' moment, the almost holy feeling of passing on millennia old knowledge. 

Aoife is an absolute fairy child and feels so tiny compared to the giant babies I grow, even though she's a nice average weight. I got some lovely cuddles and told her we are going to be best buddies. It feels very special to have Andy and Ellie nearby whilst we have our children. I always thought I'd move away from home and have my own adventures, content with seeing family at Christmas or similar, but especially since having Lydia, and since the pandemic, all I want to do really is see my family. I hope the girls enjoy having a cousin so close and we all play together.

Tom had been ringing me to try and arrange handover of his Dad's shopping but I was distracted. When he got through, he'd sweetly decided to buy dad's shopping again and leave me to it. Most of it was store cupboard stuff so it doesn't matter if he has it twice. He went to pick up Lydia and then took her to take his dad back home.

I went home when Andy's mum arrived, got myself some lunch on the way home, and tried to unpack the shopping a bit and prep some tea for Lydia before Phoebe needed a big feed.

When Lydia and Tom got home, we had Friday night disco after Lydia had her tea which was so much fun. We also prepped rooms for friends to stay in as the Treharnes and John and Adele were coming for a Bradshaw write up weekend. 

Jon and Adele arrived around 8pm and we had tasty Indian takeaway for dinner and the Treharnes arrived about 9pm

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