Tuesday, November 09, 2021

NaBloPoMo 9 : tired

Getting weary, so a quick one tonight.

Laura helped Tom and I a lot and I bit have a large give away pile of clothes and a maybe pile. Going to photograph the give away pile to see if anyone on the local Facebook groups wants them.

Tom out early for work, Lydia didn't wake up till 730am. She wasn't that interested in getting dressed but liked the idea of having a shower with me. Phoebe hung out in her bouncy chair whilst I did that. Quite a good way of fitting in a shower, might do it again

I don't know how normal capable people fit stuff like having showers and doing the washing up in to their days everyday.

Tom's mum arrived to us making porridge for Lydia for breakfast at 9am. She had a coffee whilst Lydia finished up then they went off to Finkley Farm for the day.

Bagel with pate and fruit for breakfast for me, put washing on and then long feed for Phoebe before going out to church Comms meeting in the car as had to drive to doctor's appointment after.

Doctor prescribed some emmolient for Phoebe, said to keep up food diary for a bit longer to see if any allergy correlations but was happy eczema was all mild. Phoebe was making eyes at the med student in the appointment which I think made him smile, and the doc wanted to know if Tom was tall given his big Phoebe is! I said, no, I just grow giant babies.

Delivered some tie dye to a friend, a little just because present to another friend, bought bread and some red fabric for Phoebe's Christmas stocking. Then home to hang washing and feed the Phoebe again

Lydia and Tom's mum back at 3pm and she left pretty sharpish as she was tired. Hung up washing and started dinner whilst Lydia had telly time, and tried helping one if the church wardens set up their email. Baked risotto wasn't going to be ready in time for Lydia tea so she had curry leftovers from yesterday.

Had first CBT call with NHS counseling team, asked me lots of questions, but felt the practitioner was really listening to my answers. Had to do it on headphones whilst Phoebe was feeding and Lydia watching TV.

Played a board game with Tom and Lydia after, Lydia a bit too tired and got cross when things didn't go her way. Read first bedtime story to Lydia at her request whilst Phoebe attempted rolling in the floor, then did Phoebe bedtime. First Phoebe laugh today whilst I was playing and shaking her hands. Long feed finished so hoping she'll go down now and I can go eat.

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