Friday, November 05, 2021

NaBloPoMo 5: fireworks

 Got up with Lydia and got her dressed and left Phoebe with Tom whilst I got Lydia to preschool. She had to wear all bright colours as they were doing special activities for Fireworks Night and selected red rights, red skirt with white eyelet trim, yellow t-shirt and rainbow cardigan, not far removed from her normal taste. 

Lydia dropped off, I came home to retrieve the Phoebe, give her a short feed and go off to my smear test. The doctors surgery is 5 mins walk from my house, so not far to go at all with the buggy. Lovely bright crisp day here, just right for walking about. Phoebe needed feeding again in the waiting room but was interrupted by me needing to go in. She chirped grumpily all the way through, but held off from screaming which was nice. 

Smear test successfully completed. Having had so many gynaecological examinations over the last few years I'm an old hand, but it's never fun. 

Home again and decided to walk around the triangle to see if a Phoebe would drop off for her nap, which happily she did. She stayed asleep for an hour or so once we got home, which allowed me to eat some breakfast, put a wash on and hang some up and hang some decorative tiles my mum had made with the girls, with their handprints on.

Next up was some more feeding and an early lunch for me of cheese, crackers, tomatoes and grapes. Tom came home from work and we packed the car ready to go his mum's before we went to pick up Lydia. I made him some tuna sandwiches to eat in the car on the way.

Retrieved Lydia, now with firework facepaint, and set off to Dorset. Phoebe very upset in the car so had to stop at Woodmill for a very pooey nappy change.
Drive down mostly uneventful, but with stop at the Blackmore Vale services for a dressed crab having seen hand painted signs for seafood for sale on various roundabouts in Shaftesbury.

Once at Tom's mum's, we unpacked, spent some time cooing at the puppies they'd bred from their black Labrador before they started going off to their new homes and Lydia had a play on the climbing frame and swings Granny had bought especially for her this summer. We also had a walk about the farm to check on the sheep.

Lydia had her tea at kid tea time whilst we had a piece of my banana bread. Then it was fireworks time. Firepit roaring for toasting marshmallows and lighting sparklers and a small display of low noise fireworks lit by Grandad. Lydia was very excited by it all, Phoebe had her feed and last nap of the day so bundled up in her snowsuit outside. Made me think of the happy memories I have of firework parties that my parents would throw.

After that it was pretty much kid bedtime, so Tom and Granny got Lydia ready for bed and I started Phoebe's. Both girls were sleep by 8, and I came downstairs for grown-up dinner, roasted vegetables and goats cheese. After dinner we retired in front of the log burner and I started the repairs on Tom's family christening gown that I'm hoping to alter so Phoebe can wear it. The first baby known to have worn it wore it in 1858. The fabric is wearing very thin in places so I have doing lots of little darns, and need to under line and patch in places. I also need to make the arm holes bigger as Phoebe is big and babies were baptised younger back in the day.

I was so into my sewing that I didn't go up to feed Phoebe till which meant she didn't feed very well for her dream feed and woke early in the morning for her first feed. Lesson learned!

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