Tuesday, November 23, 2021

NaBloPoMo 23: nothing much

Phoebe awake at 530, fed her in bed until Lydia came in. Tom got her dressed and have gave her a croissant whilst I sorted Phoebe. 

Tried to put some clothes away before Tom's mum came, but only really managed to have my own breakfast and put the tumble dryer on. 

Tom's mum took Lydia to preschool climbing club again, apparently she enjoyed herself and was braver than before. 

Lots of feeding for Phoebe, didn't manage to do anything else before they came back for lunch.

Went to Deepdene or helicopter park as Lydia calls it all together after lunch with Phoebe in the carrier. Very involved imaginative game from Lydia about being a coastguards helicopter pilot.

Home for hot drinks and snacks, more feeding and playing. Tom's mum left early, as they're housetraining their puppies, just as Tom came home.

Trains for Tom and Lydia whilst I started dinner of leftover roast lamb curry around feeding Phoebe.

Feeling very washed out today.

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