Saturday, November 27, 2021

NaBloPoMo 26 and 27

Tom took Lydia to nursery whilst I sorted Phoebe, tried to do Pilates and failed as Phoebe needed feeding right at Pilates time. Read tweet from Ireland account that reminded me to check if Irish Foreign Birth registrations are open, which they are with a two year backlog. So took some pictures of Phoebe for her British passport application. Couldn't find my passport which meant I needed to attempt the filing pile to find it.

After breakfast, eventually got dressed, went up to church to do the advent wreath. Happily Jenny was there setting up for the quiet day, so she played with Phoebe whilst I worked which saved some time. Need to go cut some more Holly for wreath making too. Fed Phoebe before I left.

Went and got bread and posted out the godchildrens' autumn socks at last. Got soaked in the rain so went and had my free cup of tea at Mbuntu and fed Phoebe, as I won a years free tea earlier in the year. They're not open in the mornings so I don't get much chance to make use of it.

Tom had been to collect Martin and Lydia, we all arrived home at pretty much the same time. Had a late lunch of cheese and crackers all round then went shopping as we had nothing but cheese in the fridge. Lydia ate her tea in the car, had short Friday night disco before kids bed, nice to dance with Martin. 

Started the filing before bed, made good progress.


Very windy in the night, Lydia woken up twice by the wind. Phoebe woke up earlyish, fed her until Lydia came in at 730. Got everyone dressed, breakfasted then off to the Vyne.

Had to change Phoebe's nappy in car park before we went in. Weather cold wet and miserable, some sleet and snow. Phoebe wrapped up in snow suit and waterproof cover on carrier. Went straight to house and briskly went round looking at Christmas trees. Had to feed Phoebe again at the chapel then again in the tea room. Sausage rolls, pasties hot chocolate and cakes all round. Then a brief walk around the garden before home. 

Tom and Martin made fish pie whilst I fed Phoebe and hung some washing up, and Lydia had some telly and crafting time. Baths for both girls after tea. Will finish the filing when I put Phoebe to bed. 

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