Thursday, November 25, 2021

NaBloPoMo 24 and 25

Phoebe up super early, I went back to bed for a once Lydia sorted. Tom off work yesterday due to having minor surgery. Took Lydia to swimming, Tom took her in whilst I fed Phoebe.

Took Tom to docs at Chandler's Ford at lunchtime, Lydia and I played in park till we got cold, bought hot chocolate to warm up, which Lydia loved.

Home to drop Tom off to rest, then got Lydia ready for ballet. After her class, took her to play at Jon and Hannah's and have her tea whilst I went to parents evening at nursery, nursery very pleased with her progress. Likes playing babies and with dolls, crafts and playing in the garden. Next steps are to work on sharing and writing the letters of her name.

Late difficult bedtime all, I got very shouty.

Today, had to wake Lydia at 7, but she got dressed without too much struggle, then got Phoebe and myself dressed and drove Lydia to preschool. 

Home to make Tom some breakfast, got some washing on. Fed Phoebe. Had abortive attempt to take Tom to Andover to see his dad, realised we didn't have enough time and Phoebe was screaming for milk. Had meltdown about feeling like a failure at being an adult on way back and had a big cry when we got in.

Once Phoebe fed and changed, left her in her bouncer near Tom so he could entertain her whilst I hung up washing and put more on. Emptied bins. Sorted out one bag of clothes to give away. Made Tom some lunch.

Went to swimming, Phoebe went under the water 4 times today. 

After swimming picked up Tom and went to see Jon and Hannah for a chat. Cut lots of greenery from their shrubs for making the advent wreath tomorrow. 

Picked Lydia up on way home, Tom went to see his dad, played with Lydia making silly faces with my camera app then bedtime. She was really sad so cheerrd her up with my Barry the Badger hot water bottle cover.

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