Tuesday, November 02, 2021

NaBloPoMo 1 and 2: gentle

Welcome back to my annual month of blogging everyday. This year finds me on maternity leave again. It's only just sunk in that's it's November, so here's two days as one.

1 Nov

All a bit late this morning, Lydia brought her breakfast croissant up with no plate and got crumbs all over the bedroom. Drove her to preschool where we were running late. Tried to take Tom's electric car to save the planet but it was full of with equipment where he had been out all night for work to help with faults caused by the bad weather.

Came back and fed Phoebe and changed her nappy and then walked down to the doctor's for her 12 week immunisations. She tried to spit up all the rotavirus gel again like last time. Another feed when we got back then packed the car to go and see my sister. She napped in the car from about 11 onwards and slept through our entire visit to Totton.

Picked up Ellie and tried a couple of caf├ęs in Totton but both were closed so ended up at the Starbucks near her house. We could sit outside which was good as didn't want to infect her with anything we might have.

Starbucks might be an evil corporate giant but all the staff were great about asking about allergies and were very welcoming.

Spent the next couple of hours having a very nice chat putting the world to rights. I love spending time with my sisters. Very exciting that her baby is due any day now.

Home to Tom doing housework where he'd had the day off to sleep off his overnight work. All walked up to nursery together to pick up Lydia with Phoebe in the carrier.

Lydia had made a Dios de Los Muertos mask and had a lolly from a nursery friend who had bought them in for everyone after Halloween. She ate that half way home, and we had a nice walk through the autumn leaves in the dark. The smell of damp foliage, woodsmoke and dark evenings makes me feel cosy reminding me of my own childhood.

Once home, Lydia had a snack of some nuts and cheese, selecting from the leftover cheeseboard from the weekend and getting put out that we'd eaten all the Port Salut.

Usual bedtime routine for Lydia, with Tom at the helm whilst I fed Phoebe, then he made halloumi and courgette fritters whilst I fed Phoebe. After dinner watched an episode of My Beautiful Friend.

Bed at 10pm.

2 Nov

Lydia woke up in the night, came in for a cuddle, I took her back. Woke up about 630am to a naked Lydia asking us to help her get dressed. Tom went off to sort that out whilst I gave Phoebe her morning feed.

Tom left for work quite early, so there then followed a comedy of forward and back as flitted between Phoebe and Lydia whilst trying to get myself dressed. In between Lydia wanted to hold Phoebe and play with her, and pick her outfit which was sweet.

 Lydia was dressed first and went to help herself to a croissant downstairs whilst I finished up. We've trained her to do this to buy ourselves a bit of extra time in the morning.

Whilst I was sorting everything, Lydia reappeared in my room with the aforementioned croissant in a bowl. I'm was very pleased that yesterday's lecture about using a plate or bowl with your baked goods had sunk in, and we had far less crumbs. 

Eventually we were all dressed and make it downstairs about 830am. I ate leftover halloumi fritters for breakfast and Lydia had a nibble on half an old paratha she'd found in the breadbin for second breakfast. 

Phoebe threw up over me and her and in true second parent style I mopped it up as best I could but didn't bother changing any clothes just yet as I knew more was to come. Pumped some milk as hoping to go out tonight to see NCT friends.

Tom's mum arrived about 9am as Tuesdays are the day she looks after Lydia. She played with Lydia whilst I went about trying to get ready to leave and moving piles of crap from one room to another. I get such executive dysfunction with the house, knowing it needs a good tidy but not knowing where to start where I only have tiny windows of time for such things. 

The house is all topsy turvy from having the loft conversion done and I need to get rid of stuff from every room and find forever homes for things. I have an inability to put things away which I'm working on, and looking at the mess makes be miserable.

The plumber turned up unexpectedly as apparently Tom has arranged for him to come and service the boiler and balance the radiators, but he'd not told me or I'd forgotten. 

Inevitably Phoebe did a huge poo just as I wanted to leave all over her outfit, so just about managed to get her changed and out the door in time. Lydia and Granny Farm were off to Climbing Tots at the local climbing wall as their usual jaunt to Manor Farm is off now for the winter.

We were off to a Wonder Gig at the Point in Eastleigh, which consisted of a ukelele and piano playing singer singing gently moody covers of pop songs whilst a singer dancer type handed round glowing orbs and wafty scarves to families against a backdrop of arty projections on the floor for the children to engage with. We were late, and Phoebe was asleep for half of it. The older babies and kids seemed in to it, and when Phoebe woke up she spent a lot of time staring at the lights. As ever, I was one of only two people wearing a mask, and made sure I kept myself over to one side away from everyone.

She then had a leaky nappy so I had to leave sharply to get her sorted out. I had a quick look in the supermarket near my car parking after to see if they had any socks suitable for Autumn Socks Day but nothing caught my fancy. I did buy myself a new shirt for the grand total of 50p as had lots of Nectar points to use.

Lunch time for us all when we got back, left over cottage pie, with a nappy change and feed for Phoebe. Then Granny Farm and I did some tidying up whilst Lydia watched a programme. Just about managed to convince her to go for a walk, so we strolled down to Riverside Park and Lydia and Granny played in the play park whilst I fed Phoebe and rocked her to sleep in the buggy.

Walked back via the bakery and all had tea and buns when we got home. Woke Phoebe for her feed then handed her to Granny for cuddles whilst I sorted nappies. Tom came down about 4.30pm to start cooking dinner, fajitas and refried beans using the left over beef from Sunday, with Lydia 'helping' him. I tried feeding Phoebe and getting her to nap at 5.00pm. Trying to start earlier bedtime with her so need to crack last nap of the day timings. She did about 20mins which meant I could eat with two hands, and Tom tried rocking her in the buggy for a bit where she was playing happily with her blanket.

Another feed at 6pm for Phoebe and we're now watching Lydia and Tom playing with Lego.

Gentle background feeling of meh/impending doom today, which is a shame after feeling so happy yesterday.

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