Tuesday, November 30, 2021

NaBloPoMo 29 & 30

29 Nov

Tom sleeping off last night, so took Lydia to preschool. Home to feed Phoebe, then coffee with Hetty, my mum's goddaughter who is in her first year studying law at Southampton. Don't think I've seen her since she was a small girl. Channelled my mother and rustled up plenty of small talk out of thin air. The gift of the gab or blagging. Offered use of my washing machine, proper home cooked dinner. The usual.

Then much needed chiropractor appointment. Tom off today so he and Martin arrived to look after Phoebe. Feel sore but in a better way today. Still not used to the crunches and cracks. Really need to find time to squeeze in my exercises.

Lunch with the boys at Diego's Rotisserie, very nice, not been there before. Went halves on a skewer of prawns and sea bream with Tom. Phoebe charmed the wait staff.

Home to feed Phoebe then off to the Christmas tree farm near Hinton Ampner for a car load of offcuts for £20. Absolute bargain, stopped to get extra wreath base on the way home.

Leftover lamb and mushroom stroganoff for tea, then made a fascinator for the baptism out of some red ribbon. Not sure about it.

30 Nov

Phoebe up very early for milk, then got Lydia dressed. Tom sorted her breakfast whilst I got ready to go. Lydia chose all Christmas things for Phoebe, very cute if a bit early. Squeezed her into the 3-6 elf outfit from my mum, don't think it will fit by Christmas!.

Off to the 16 week jabs. Receptionists and nurse all very taken with festive Phoebe. Jabs went fine, in a change since Lydia you give 3 lots of Calpol as standard after the meningitis jabs now. Makes for much happier babies.

Tom's mum had arrived by the time I got back, off to climbing for her and Lydia again. Another feed for Phoebe and then I went to collect some shopping I'd ordered and to take some food and clothes to someone from one of the free FB groups.

Home to lunch of cold bits with mum and Lydia, then a walk to the baker for bread, and cakes to eat in the park. Phoebe mainly asleep in the carrier. Quick play in the playground before Granny needed to leave to get back to the  puppies. Tom arrived home just as we got back and started dinner. TV for Lydia and another Phoebe feed. 

Went to feed Phoebe lying down as back hurting. Tea at 5.15 ish when Martin got back, pork and lentil Curry with paratha.

I did Phoebe bedtime, need to pack car for ballet, swimming and seeing Ellie, Andy and Aoife, lateral flow tests willing.

And that's the end of NaBloPoMo for this year. Feels like another small insular year. 

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