Saturday, November 20, 2021

NaBloPoMo 18: nothing much

Adorably, Andy phoned at bedtime to check if you needed the heating on all night with a new baby. It made me feel very special to be asked.

I got up with Phoebe and fed her this morning, Tom got Lydia dressed. Did Lydia's hair in 'fountains on the side of my head' as requested. Tom took her to preschool whilst I finished Phoebe's feed.

Then off to church to meet Anna who runs the running community to talk through some Comms things.

Back home to feed and change Phoebe then off to swimming for us. She seemed to enjoy today, was busy watching everything, and only was a little bit sick right at the end of class. She didn't cry too much whilst I changed her either.

Went into Shirley after to pick up some Milk for Jon and Hannah, then on to theirs for a cup of tea and sensory time for the babies. They had out the load of baby toys they'd been given from a friend clearing out and Phoebe did a good amount of tummy time.

Home just about in time for my counselling lecture, counsellor was flustered because his computer crashed just as he was calling me. Only useful think I learnt was the difference between a flashback and an intrusive thought. I'm wondering if I'd be better off finding some private psychotherapy as I want to talk to someone about my thoughts and feelings rather than be taught coping mechanisms, which I already knew and mostly used. 

Walked up to collect Lydia from preschool after this, Tom had gone to collect his dad from a cataract operation. Stuck a hivis vest on the buggy hood as it was completely dark when I was walking up. Took a while to walk back as we stopped for Lydia to finish her snack and Phoebe needed a feed. Tom rang to see where we were just as we were at the front door. 

Bit of playing with Lydia before bed, then we had some Beef Bourgogne for dinner and tried to convince Tom's dad to sleep on the sofa bed but he insisted he wanted to sleep in a chair. 

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