Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I've just been crocheting with a hairpin. Don't ask. I had to do something to calm me down.

Sarah and I went to dance today at lunchtime. Waited for a detention to finish. Only to be told/asked by Miss B to go away. The year 11's are doing their exam work. We went and got changed. The year 11's weren't using all the space. Sarah and I could have fitted in a corner. That doesn't matter. What mattered was the obnoxiously rude way we were told/ask to leave. Because we only wanted to dance for fun. I know Miss B. is having a bad day because of Presentation evening, but we all are. I'm just as bad as anyon else for misplacing my anger, but I do try not to be rude. Try my very best.

I'm also cross because of the school christmas party, which atm I am paying for out of my savings. ~We did a questionnair and people chose what they wanted. Only now what they want is too expensive for them and none of them are coming. So my £55 hall hire fee is wasted, as is the money we took out of the sicth form fund for the dj. I dislike immensely the sttudue of people here. IF they want something they can organise it themselves.

Tonights homework list so far:-

  • Dance Notation to learn.
  • French Questions
  • Art Pictures.

Stupid presenation evening as well. Oh well back to the grind stone.


.:petal:. said...

Well hunny were still coming. Its the Kareoke thats putting people off. I guessed that would happen but its not the end of the world. We'll find a way to get people interested :) I'll help you if you want me to. And yes....people are annoying but theres nothing that can be done about that :( Dont despair *huggles* It will be okay. Take care love Fran xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

HighwayKing said...

The King says:

I avoid kareoke (sp) at all costs especially when there's booze about. It tends to be a bit cringeworthy.

We had this problem with my spring ball at sixth form. It was probably one of the worst nights of my life. I spent months talking my Dad into letting me borrow his BMW 540 of the time to escort my year long girlfriend there in stlye only to be blown off by her...the story is long and tragic. So your crimbo party will be fine!!