Saturday, November 09, 2019

NaBloPoMo 8: home

Tom up early with Lydia this morning, then we swapped whilst we got dressed. She was charging about joyfully when she came into our room this morning and having a good old explore of the jewelry drawer, and trying to dress herself in dirty clothes.

After dropping her off at nursery, a working from home day at ours today. We're doing a low travel November at work, something I've pretty much been doing since I came back from maternity leave, but it's really good to see colleagues getting more into video conferencing etc...

I had a content call, then spent the day on tech support, update emails, planning deadlines and connecting up properties and curators on a project. Social media stats, Christmas content auditing, more update emails and a property meeting on Monday.

Tom and Lydia came home in the early evening and I played with Lydia whilst Tom made us leek and potato soup for tea. I had to invent lots of new verses to the 'See the sleeping bunnies' song, and I especially enjoyed Lydia making me 'sleep' on the kitchen floor to sing 'see the sleeping mummy sleeping on the floor' then doing 'ooh ooh ooh ' like a monkey when at got to the last bit and I asked what I had to do when I woke up!

We also video called my parents as Lydia kept asking ' where's grandpa?' She likes to try and hug and kiss the phone and and show them her toys, and they sing to her. Seeing them at home in their surroundings, sometimes I forget that they're on the phone and it feels like I could reach through and touch them. Or walk through and be right there with them, like something from a children's fairytale or Star Trek.

Tom was off put for the evening, so I did bedtime, but Lydia was too tired and grumpy for a story. She fell asleep pretty quickly which was nice, and I stayed cuddling her for a little while, soaking in her warmth.

Next was a quick tidy up, as Lauren, one of our ordinands at church was coming round at 8pm for a planning meeting. We use a very well thought out piece of software called Church Suite to manage things like our address book, attendance, event bookings and so on, so we were looking at how we could use that for a youth event.

After she'd gone, I spent the rest of the evening watching the Gentleman Jack box set on iPlayer before coming up to bed when Tom got back.

Remembrance flowers tomorrow, hopefully Tom's not called out so he can watch Lydia.

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