Monday, November 25, 2019

NaBloPoMo 24+25: Feeding crowds

Drama when we got back from Dad's party on Saturday, our old fridge freezer in the conservatory had packed up, leaving us with a sad amount of wasted defrosted food. The hunt is on for a new one and there was lots of cleaning up to do!

Off to church yesterday in time for the first hymn, then home again for a whirlwind of cooking and tidying as we were hosting the home group lunch. Only one family had RSVP'd and no one had turned up by 1pm so we were expecting to be eating alone.

But then three people turned up, then another two, then another two, then another four, then another two, then another one until before we knew it we were getting tables in from the garden and looking out more plates and cutlery. Fortunately Tom had made enough chili and people brought pizzas and side dishes. It was a bit chaotic, but I think people had fun. I still wish I'd had more warning on numbers as I could have moved furniture in to the conservatory to make more space for eating.

In the afternoon, we spent a lot of time clearing up whilst playing with Lydia. I had a woozy spell around 5pm and took to my bed for an hour or so. Fortunately I felt much better after, and was able to help with the rest of the tidying up.

Today I was in the office in Micheldever, mainly working on new seasonal guidance, and this evening, alongside playing with Lydia and a roast dinner, I've helped a sister of a friend with planning the digital and marketing side of launching her new business. My idea of fun that, telling someone what to do and coming up with ideas without having to do any actual work!

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