Thursday, November 21, 2019

NaBloPoMo 20 + 21

Here are my autumn socks:

Sorry about yesterday, we had a very extended bed time that used up all my writing time

Took Lydia to our first swimming lesson yesterday. She loved it. Was a mix of singing, games and basic swimming technique. Looking forward to next week. Went to get bread and fruit in Shirley afterwards and looked for some Christmas bits. Treated my self to lunch out whilst she napped in the buggy, but think I got nap times wrong hence the long bedtime!

Tom up with Lydia today, then I did nursery drop off. Off to Surrey for a team meeting on new audience segmentation. Very interesting! Home again in time to cuddle a grumpy Lydia for an hour before my pilates class. Think her teeth are sore again. Then pilates and another extended bedtime. Tom on call for some of the evening so ended up feeding her to sleep in my bed. Been packing and tidying since as off to dad's birthday party on Saturday.

Time for bed now!

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