Sunday, November 17, 2019

NaBloPoMo 17: busy busy

Tom up with Lydia for first breakfast, then as swap at 7am, upon which she fell asleep on me, so she got to have a short nap whilst I got dressed.

Bags packed for swimming whilst Tom got up, second breakfast and some playing, then off to church, only a few minutes late.

Lydia is really in to drawing at the mo, so the pack of crayons and notebook is stuck in the nappy bag kept her occupied for most of the service. Vicar kindly offered to let Lydia bounce post service on the Winchester Cathedral shaped bouncy castle from last night's church party, but she wasn't keen, I think because of the noise.

Home for third breakfast for Lydia and first breakfast for adults, and to pack the car for swimming. Lydia totally getting the idea of kicking her legs a bit in the water now, and liked the slide, but think she got a bit cold as didn't want to stay in as long as we usually do. We're starting lessons together next Wed for a term, so we'll see how that goes.

After swimming, and playing the follow the toddler as she explores and is all proud because she sat on a bench my herself game around the car park, it was off home for lunch. Inevitably she fell asleep on the way home, so I sat for the rest of nap hour with her on the car and Tom made lunch.

She had a nasty histamine reaction to something in the lunch, I think the sweet peppers, all little hives on her face and hands. So anti histamines for her, and I'll be ringing the docs for a chat tomorrow. She's got an egg allergy and reacted to peppers and tomato over the last few weeks.

After that drama, Tom took his little blue sports car for a final drive before selling it to a garage near Winchester. He haggled them into giving him £900 for it, which was much more than we were expecting! Lydia and I followed half an hour behind to pick him up, having got the chicken in the oven for dinner.

We sang lots of songs on the way, which I always enjoy. Though apparently there's a third song about rabbits that I don't know, See the Sleeping Bunnies, and Little Peter Rabbit not cutting it! We took Tom's work car, and I'm also amazed at the fact that I can just get in any car and drive it these days, given how hard I found learning to drive.

Tom sat in the back with Lydia as she needed to be given drinks and snacks, and she was telling him she wanted to get out and walk and run. Yay for language skills! So we had a stop at the park on the way pack and delighted in her amazement at BMX tricks, her naming of all the things she could see and her "runrunrun" as she ran and jumped with us.

Home as it was getting dark, just in time for the timer on the oven to finish. Tom prepared the sides to go with the chicken, and Lydia and I watched a little Sarah and Duck whilst we waited. Roast chicken a huge hit as always, seconds consumed by all. I then did some washing up and tidying and Lydia did drawing with Tom until bed time .

I sorted nappies until a very short bedtime milk session. Fortunately it was short, as I was supposed to be advising a sister of a friend over the phone on digital marketing basics for her new business. I think she got what she wanted from the call, even if we did have to start a little later than planned!

The rest of the evening has been booking tickets and accommodation for our Christmas trip to Normandy to see the father in law, and watching the Crown, such I just love!

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