Thursday, November 07, 2019

NaBloPoMo 7: smoke

Off to the big smoke today for a planning meeting. Managed to get a seat for part of the journey so got some work done, phew! Treated myself to a Pret breakfast as I'd left too early to eat at home. Had a productive meeting and a productive digital interpretation call too.

Trains were delayed on the way back so didn't get back in time for pilates - boo. Had a quick play with Lydia who I found watching TV in her coat and wellies when I got in amusingly. She had a session of the naming of things, and we've recently discovered she can say her name, some times the whole name, sometimes "dee-da". Adorable. As is in the naming of people saying "my daddy" or "the daddy".

She went to sleep pretty quickly, so after dinner I changed our sheets, hovered the mattress, put a few clothes away, hung up some washing and prepped some pillowcases to make for Lydia's new little pillow.

London was crisp and bright today, sun gleaming on glass and steel. There's such a fizz in the air when I go to the capital, all those people and possibilities.

On the way home, I was sat on a table with two colleagues on their way home from a conference, older friendly folk for train travellers. After exchanging pleasantries, I carried on with writing through my work email and eavesdropped on their conversation that moved from their work to their relationship histories. From the body language, I'd say she was flirting hard, but from his relationship history perhaps she'd be better steering clear!

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