Tuesday, November 26, 2019

NaBloPoMo 16: and relax....

Lydia with Tom's mum today, left them playing with the shape sorter and Lydia beginning to name the shapes and colours.

Managed to forget my laptop, but never fear, a desktop was free, woohoo! Made a round of bacon sarnies at work when I got in for those who wanted them. Loved seeing the surprised happy faces. Will have to think of something to do in December!

Got through a fair chunk of the to-do list, but will need to do a bit of catch up on Wednesday evening. I don't mind as I often finish a little early to allow me to see Lydia before bed and then do a little email or data entry in front of the telly in the evening. Ordered a new fridge freezer on my lunch break too.

Home time for Lydia cuddles and milk for her. She's under the weather and has been asking for breast milk when I come home from work the last few days, where as we'd pretty much stopped that and were only having a bedtime feed. Think she wants the comfort. She pretty much fell asleep on my lap by 630pm, so I took her upstairs and got her ready for bed. It seemed cruel to wake her, but she needed teeth doing and a nappy change.

She was soon back to sleep again, and I had time to get ready for dancing whilst Tom cooked dinner. He'd made chicken mushroom and leek risotto with the leftover roast chicken. I left him just before 8pm to meet Louisa who was joining me this evening.

Dancing was excellent as ever. Think Louisa enjoyed herself too, and I've managed to learn a few people's names which is good. Now in bed with pleasantly achy feet.

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