Wednesday, November 13, 2019

NaBloPoMo 12: dancing

A more gentle exit this morning as it was a Lydia and Granny day, so I got to eat breakfast at home for a change. The bottomless pit of my toddler wanted all the fruit this morning!

Busy traffic to and from my office today, didn't quite make it through the to do list, but getting there. Starting to feel comfortable in my role again, hoping I can do something fun and innovative with next year's content.

Then home again to find Lydia 'helping' Tom make dinner, so took her off to watch some Sarah and Duck with me and have a cosy cuddle until tea was ready. This was followed by a splashy bathtime, where Lydia took great delight in shutting herself in the "Shoaw-ah" cubicle and pulling faces at me through the glass!

After not too arduous bedtime, I left Tom putting washing away and escaped to my Ceroc class. Made it in time to join in with the beginners which is helpful for getting to know some people for the freestyles later.

It's interesting how sometimes when you're facing with someone it can just click and you feel like you're in another space, becoming completely unaware of others on the floor. There's a lot said about being a good lead, but I think there's a lot to being a good follow too, trying to stay focused on where you're being taken and not drifting off. A lot of the people in this class have very light leads, with subtle shades of firm and light pressure. It's nice not to have my arms yanked off put it takes more concentration on my part. I love the sense of momentum, of my body being moved through space when I'm spun at double time or someone slingshots me around them. I also love that same gender partners are welcomed or even encouraged, and you can choose to be a lead or a follow whatever your gender.

I didn't have a partner for every dance, bit I've only been to this venue twice and so I'm only just getting to know people. I'm just about getting confident enough to ask others to dance too.

I'm home now, feeling very revved up on other people's energy. But I have had a shower to get rid of all the sweat! Roll on next week if Lydia lets me out!

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