Wednesday, November 20, 2019

NaBloPoMo 19: Autumn Socks Day

Tom up with Lydia at the joyful time of 6.30am, then a swap with me once it was time for him to go. We read the Baby Catalogue by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, a favourite of mine from childhood. I love Lydia pointing and naming all the things. It takes me right back to cosying up to my mum and reading together.

I took her down to have her breakfast with Tom's mum, got her started and then went back to stairs to dress. She wanted all her cutlery out today, and was sorting them by colour. Quick breakfast for me on the run. of last night's Dorset Apple Cake.

Traffic to work terrible due to an accident on the A34 so went all through the houses to get to the office. Once I'd dumped my stuff, got on to making bacon sarnies for those who wanted them using the magic microwave grill tray. Though forgot the sauce. A few years back, bacon sandwich days and hot chocolate days and wreath making workshops were part of our office culture, but it's died down of late, so I'm going to try and bring it back.

Work went ok today, managed to get one huge thing hanging over me done, will try and finish the next one later this week.

Home in more bad traffic, back in time for big cuddles from Lydia and a little walk en famille to the corner shop for spring onions and chilis for the Brazilian Chicken and Beans Tom was making for dinner. Lydia walked 7/8 of the way there and back which was great, and she goes so fast now. Lots of "hello cars" and "walking, walking". She loves to help us, and carried the spring onions all the way home. When her legs got tired, she asked to be carried and then spent the last little bit saying "hello mummy" to which I'd reply " hello Lydia" and repeat, or adorably " hello my daddy".

She wasn't so keen on eating dinner with us when we got back, so she sat on our laps and nibbled at rice whilst we ate. We also swapped socks as it is our family holiday of Autumn Socks Day. I got Tom bright yellow ones with pink, purple and orange ones. Lydia, who actually needed bigger socks, got a selection of animal and spots, and Tom got me the best such I've ever had, which have a whole pastoral hillside and lake scene complete with ducks and goats. Pics tomorrow.

Lydia was getting sleepy over dinner, so Tom took her swiftly off to bed, and I got my self ready to go out dancing whilst she had her teeth brushed etc. She was so tired that she had barely any milk, and I was off put to dancing to catch the end of the beginner class. Winning!

Dancing was good. It's always good. Less people there which meant dancing with people more than once which I like, helps me get to know people's styles. Took a change of clothes with me which helps with me getting sweaty too! Should get someone to film me really, I'd love to see what I look like dancing.

Now home and in bed after a much needed quick shower.

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