Saturday, November 16, 2019

NaBloPoMo 15+16: Company

Sorry, another fail - getting too tired these dates!

Yesterday was another working from home day. Enjoyed saying hello to Lydia at lunch time when Tom picked her up from nursery, and getting some baby Jasper cuddles in the afternoon whilst Jon went to pick his car up from the garage. He and Jasper went to the park with Lydia and Tom whilst their car was in the garage. Lydia slept through most of it, nothing like a fresh air nap.

In the evening, Jon, Hannah and Jasper, Twinkle and Ben and Laura came round for pizza. Tom managed to see a bit of them between being on call and eat his delicious pizza, and I had a great evening chatting away to them all. Yay, Fridays!

Today, I got up and gave Lydia first breakfast around 7, and then swapped with Tom whilst I got dressed. Lydia and I did some colouring and watched some Sarah and Duck whilst Tom got his car ready to go and be assessed to be sold. Unfortunately, the battery had lost its charge since its last outing two weeks ago, and we had to call on friends and neighbours to help him push it back up the slope of the drive into the garage!

After that fail, we walked up to the post office to post Autumn Socks to the godchildren, and invited ourselves to my sisters' lunch outing in Dibden Perlieu at the Lovely Little Cafe today. I'm so glad they didn't mind us gate crashing. Lydia was made up to spend time walking around with her aunties at the cafe, and then to spend the afternoon playing the piano, watching Disney songs and being cuddled and thrown up in the air by aunties and uncles! Tom and I enjoyed the food, and the chance to spend an afternoon sat down. We had to do the boring bits of parenting like a nappy change, but for once weren't on entertainment duty. Much appreciated.

I also really appreciate how well Tom has always got on with my family. Such a relief not to have to be worrying how he's getting on. We arranged our Christmas get together for the 21 Dec, which will be lovely.

Then home at Lydia's bedtime, and a supper of veggie soup in front of Strictly whilst I planned our Christmas trip to France. I've left our PJs on the heated towel rail and hot water bottles in the bed. Hurray!

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