Tuesday, November 05, 2019

NaBloPoMo 5: Bullets

Too late to type properly so quickly:

  • Left Lydia with Tom's mum today. Perk of her doing one day a week childcare is the babysitting on the night she stays over. Thanks for the lovely dinner Smiths! 
  • Used park and ride to get to Winchester today. Impressed by the environmental migations used on the site according to the car park signage.
  • Pleasant 1on1 with boss then lunch with boss and another colleague to talk auditing.
  • Got two of my three to do list things done today - all three hefty so pleased to have managed two.
  • Got Tom's Christmas present which I didn't hide well enough when I got in. Oh well.
  • Traffic home was shite, but just beat this evening's guests to ours. Hello Wilsons - hope Julian went back to sleep ok at yours!
  • Fish and chips for tea as we knew wouldn't have time to cook, have decided that good hospitality = a warm welcome, does not = home cooked food every time.
  • Absolutely knackered now but really want to finish my date planner editing so it doesn't dance through my dreams.

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