Wednesday, November 06, 2019

NaBloPoMo 6: non working day

Wednesdays are my non working day at work so to speak. So I was on Lydia duty this morning, for another early breakfast and an early morning bath in order to fill the time! Tom then got her dressed whilst I dressed.

Lydia's second breakfast was mainly mushrooms that she helped herself to from the fridge. I didn't know she could open the fridge so that was interesting! Note to self not to leave her in the kitchen whilst I put the nappies on to wash!

I had to ring for a docs appointment for a few little Lydia health problems that needed looking at so she got to watch a lot of Sarah and Duck and eat more mushrooms whilst I was on hold. She was knackered after her early start so she had a nap before we headed out to the doctor's.

Inevitably, the docs were running late, so she ate all the bread sticks we keep for emergencies in the nappy bag and drank all her water. Then she charmed all the nurses, staff, and other patients by narrating what she could see and greeting every one with her "Herrow!" She was particularly interested in the babies in the waiting room and wanted to share her toys and blanket.

More of the same from Lydia as we walked between pharmacy and shops waiting for the perceptions and then up to nursery to fill in the medications form to save time tomorrow. She likes to greet the trees and dogs and get out the buggy and walk for a bit holding on to the frame whilst she tries to hold leaves.

We had a trip to the baker for bread and we shared a Chelsea bun on the way home, with lots of singing. I am surprised at how having a child has feed me even further from worrying about what people think, and I'm starting to enjoy their smirks as I belt out the "Grand Old Duke of York".

Once home we played until it was time to make dinner. Lydia wasnt very happy with me trying to make dinner, so it was a bit fraught by the time Tom came home. I made Muttar Paneer with Tempah and coconut milk instead of Paneer and yogurt and Tom and I both a agreed to stuck to Tofu over Tempah, but the coconut milk worked well. The texture of Tempah wasn't for me. Lydia loved it. Which was great!

Tom had a go at playing with Lydia whilst I sat down for a bit before bedtime, and then we had an extended bedtime where Lydia insisted she was hungry for food at one point and all sorts.

I was supposed to go to home group but Lydia didn't settle til 830, which made me 45 mins late so I gave it a miss. The rest of the evening Tom and I have watched a couple of episodes of Derry Girls and now it is bed time.

On days like this, I feel bad that the sorting that needs doing in life means I don't really play with Lydia. I hope she remembers the good bits like singing together and not the bad bits.

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Jon Marchant said...

The stranger-greeting sounds adorable! I'm sure she had a great day, even little kids can't play /all/ the time.

Last time I called the doc's, J refused to be put down and wanted to have the phone more than anything in the world, which I found pretty hilarious (not sure the receptionist agreed)