Wednesday, November 13, 2019

NaBloPoMo 13: family

Lydia and mummy day today! Tom got Lydia up and gave her first breakfast and I took over getting dressed once I was dressed. Then downstairs for second breakfast for Lydia whilst I packed our things ready for our day out.

We trundled off to see my grandparents around 9am, stopping enroute at Waitrose to pick up the word is ordered for Kudus and some biscuits to take with us. Lydia had fallen asleep on the car, and stayed also on my shoulder throughout the whole visit to the shop which made carrying things interesting. Thank you to the nice employees who helped carry the packages out to my car!

Once we arrived at my grandparents, Lydia played with the toys is brought with us, and with the selection Granny still has at her house. Lots of feeding toy food to various objects. She also asked Granny to read to hey over and over. I'd forgotten how good my Granny especially is at playing. It was a good reminder to me to stop and actually join in with Lydia's games. I had nice chat with my Papa whilst they were playing too. I love that Lydia recognises my grandparents and wants to play with them. All those picture galleries on the TV thanks to the Chromecast are paying off.

I have Lydia her packed lunch whilst we were there, then in was back in the car to do a bit of shopping on the way home. We stopped at Rogers Wholesale in Milbrook, who sell past best packaged food by the case. Tom's been and friends recommended it but I wanted to check it out myself. There wasn't much to tickle my fancy this time, bit I think it's the kind of place that has a quick turnaround. I still managed to buy a couple of cases of snack bars to keep in my car for emergencies and some snacks for Lydia! She was very in to helping me push my trolley and really good about holding on to it so that way round.

Sainsbury's next for a few groceries and autumn sock shopping. Lydia was not happy about going round the supermarket! Fortunately I was using one of the self scanner handsets, so I could scan some bananas at heavier weight and give her one to eat as we walked round. I enjoyed hey pretending a packet of cutlery we were buying was a phone to phone Glitter Granny and Grandpa Bear, (my mum and dad) and pending it was a baby to rock!

We made it out eventually, with lots more nursery rhyme singing, and I'd hoped to stop at the park on the way home. But there was no parking as it was school run time and I couldn't face going home to go out again. So home it was. Lydia fell asleep on the short journey, so was very grumpy when we got home.

I placated her with Cheerios to nibble on and a cup of oatmilk, and a cuddle in front of Sarah and Duck, before Glitter Granny video called us for a little bit. Once Tom came home, we made dinner together, and then Tom played with Lydia whilst I drank a cup of tea and did some washing up. Tasty dinner of Salt and Pepper Smoked Tofu and stir fry veggies today.

Bed time wasn't too bad again today, and once Lydia was asleep, Tom was away to homegroup and I spent the rest of my evening watching Pose and prepping for my church comms workshop tomorrow.

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