Saturday, November 23, 2019

NaBloPoMo 22 + 23: party

Sorry for another fail, too busy having fun!

A quick trip to drop Lydia at nursery, then working from home. Achieved modern life's pinnacle of working from the laptop over the mobile hotspot in the car in the way to my parents' house. Actually got loads done which is very satisfying.

Mum pleasantly surprised by our early arrival. And so a delightful evening with my parents and grandparents, even if Lydia took a while to get to sleep with all the excitement! I then stayed up late helping Mum decorate Dad's birthday, this year a Scaletrix two tier affair.

This morning, I got up with Lydia. Mum said she'd have her so Tom and I could have a lie in but once I was up I was up. Lots of playing all morning with Mum and Lydia and two lots of breakfast!

We were off to the pub to decorate for the party just after 11. I was sent off to find string for the balloons and pens for the quiz. Tesco Express was a bust, but Barnardo's came up trumps with present ribbon and fundraising biros.

Dad's friends, colleagues and family arrived from 12 onwards for drink and food was served from 1pm. Lydia was of course the start of the show. You could find where she was by the gaggle of admirers. But Grandpa was the favourite of the day, and she spent most of day in his arms or playing with the aunties.

He'd written a pub quiz with rounds all about himself and things he likes, including 'have I met them or moved them?' ' all things Irish' ' Disney princesses' and so on. I'm very pleased to carry my team won!

About 4pm people started drifting home, so we tidied up and went back to mum and dad's for some tea and birthday cake with my dad's brothers and wives. Really nice to spend time with them all.

Now on the way home with Lydia asleep in the car!

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