Sunday, November 03, 2019

NaBloPoMo 3 : wooooaahhh

Another early wake-up from Lydia. I caved and fed her in bed for a bit too stave off the crying and walking the house. I honestly can't remember the time she woke up, it feels like a bloody life time ago. I had 3 conversations with 3 other adults today about looking at the clock at 9am and thinking 'how can it only be 9am, I feel like it's 4pm. Oh wait I've already been up for 4 hours'.

I whisked her downstairs for incredibly early breakfast. I couldn't face bright lights so we had one set of kitchen spotlights mood lighting whilst she nibbled on one of everything on offer then got cross until she had some of my Crunchy Nut cereal. Yes I know, but we were on holiday right....

Lydia made me laugh by demanding food everyone someone came down and sat up for breakfast. I think she had 4 or 5 today. Must be growing as she delightedly demolished half a jacket potato at lunch, all the snacks in the afternoon and all her dinner plus yogurt and a rice cake. Tom says you know she's hungry when she it's willing to eat a plain dry rice cake.

We packed up and cleaned up around playing children, doing the dance of can you eat the last... Croissant... Slice of bacon... Pint of milk...I don't want to take it home, and divided up the sensible food leftovers. I have a wodge of Jess chocolate cake so I'm golden.

Then we were off to Basildon Park for a mooch round the garden and lunch. It's always extremely popular, especially at lunchtime, so we were sat in the café overflow seating across the courtyard. Worked in our favour as we were able to get a massive table for all of us. Lydia was so excited to be walking up to the house holding Ethan and Lara's hands, and completely besotted with the fairylights in the trees on the woodland walk from the car park. Her 'woooaahh' is adorable. Can't wait to see her reaction to Christmas decorations this year.

The others made their merry ways home after lunch, and we were going to stay and look around the house, but we were having too much fun looking at the cows and playing '123, Jump!' with Lydia that we decided to live in the moment and go with that. We were having a great time!

Obligatory nappy change and shop browse done, we stopped for dessert supplies in the way home at Winnal, and the rest of the afternoon has been spent unpacking and supervising Lydia. We've also watched some Sarah and Duck, and video called my parents. For all the bad stories we hear about modern tech, being able to video call my parents so they can watch Lydia playing is soooo happy making for me.

Lydia ' helped' with cooking dinner by following the ' one for me, one for the pot' mantra, but there was still enough for all of us, thank goodness. Now I'm feeding her to sleep again and I'm about to go make this cake for tomorrow.

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