Monday, November 11, 2019

NaBloPoMo 11: dusk

Difficult night with Lydia last night, a couple of wake ups and me needing the loo urgently not leading to much sleep for anyone. Finally got her back to sleep at 5am and we all slept in till gone 7.

After nursery drop off, I was off up to Berkshire to do some training, and then worked there for the rest of the day. Had to stop on the way to buy snacks as I was starving, Lots of emails about the content training. Then driving home as the sun set, the pink dusk rolling over the horizon.

I discovered Scala Radio, and enjoyed the light classical accompaniment for most of my drive. Home in time for an hour or so of playing before bedtime. Lydia was showing me the 'treasure' my mum had bought her, plastic beads and bracelets.

Quick bedtime this evening thanks to Calpol again. Think there's some teething going on. Then have spent the rest of the evening renewing my DBS for church. Bedtime for me soon!

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