Wednesday, November 09, 2022

NaBloPoMo 9: at home

Phoebe woke up at 5:45, so went to feed her and got her dressed. Tom got Lydia up and took her down for breakfast when she woke up. Phoebe in a super cute cheery mood, shuffling to the window in her sleeping bag and saying "Stah, stah woah" which I think was her way of telling me she remembered watching fireworks out the window the other night.

Took Phoebe down for breakfast and we all ate together before I went to get dressed, with only minor grievances from Lydia for a change. Helped her get dressed with all the usual antics, whilst Tom dressed himself. He was off today as I originally had a work conference necessitating working on my usual non working day, but that had been cancelled.

Tom took Lydia to school, so I had a play with Phoebe and did some washing up until it was time to start work. She sat on the bed for 5 mins whilst I started my first call of the day until Tom got back. They went off to Mottisfont for a gad about today in the sunshine which was nice for them.

I had a few calls today and a few tech support things. Came over all woozy at lunch time so had a nap, and then carried on after grabbing some food. Couple of parcels came today, and spent a lot of time trying to finish the on call rota for next year. I don't really know if this kind of thing is my job, but we needed it, so I thought I'd try and get it done. Lots of evaluation to do tomorrow.

Had to stop work at 4pm to get Lydia ready for ballet and be handed Phoebe as Tom was taking Lydia today. Strapped Phoebe in the carrier on my back for as long as possible to start making oven baked mushroom and bacon risotto and then tried distracting her with emptying pots and pans from the cupboard. When it was in the oven, took her for a nappy change and feed, and did some work whilst she fed on my phone. Her stomach still not right. Had call back from docs later after tea suggesting we continue to watch and wait and do a stool sample.

Lydia not impressed with dinner, but suggested risotto was savoury rice pudding and she gave it a go. Ate more of it than the actual rice pudding I'd saved for her. Girls very cute at dinner table, Phoebe trying to boop Lydia's nose and give her kisses and cuddles unprompted. Lydia had two slices of bread as a dinner chaser, think she might be on a growth spurt again.

Off up to bed, and Tom started Phoebe off whilst I got Lydia started, then the usual swap. Lydia pretty bored of her reading book and pretending to read it  backwards etc. Phoebe was having fun playing boo around the bathroom door. She's in a very cute chatty phase at the moment.

Phoebe got cross during her night feed, think she had trapped wind. Walked her round on my shoulder for a bit and put her down in the cot drowsy, and she dropped off in the cot whilst I sat in the dark.

Need to stuff nappies for nursery tonight. Was supposed to be making a start on some of the what we call 'capital' tidying up in the house rather than the maintenance keeping on top of washing up and laundry but I have run out of steam. 

Things that need doing on the capital list:
1. Finish tidying up the corners of our bedroom
2. Tidy up all the stuff around the edge of the spare room
3. Hang pictures
4. Stick stuff in Phoebe's scrap book
5. 2021 photo book
6. Redecorate part of Lydia's room
7. Sort out toys in toy room
8.Tidy up dresser and window sills in kitchen
9. Tidy up edges of conservatory

Maybe I'll get to some of this this month. I don't get much satisfaction from any sort of tidying up or sorting out, can often not even bring myself to start. What kind of reward could I give myself if I do something like this?

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